Asia Automotive Industry 2012 Yearbook -Automotive Parts-

Auto Parts

Cost-competitiveness Supporting Low-cost Strategic Vehicles and Global Supply Chains

  • Publishing date : 2012.3.30 PDF size, 230 pages.

China Automotive Industry Yearbook 2011

Auto Parts

Analysis of Automotive Parts Sectors and Local and Foreign Parts Makers in China.

  • Publishing date : 2011.6.29 A4 size, 259 pages.

Special Issues

Global Motorcycle Industry’s Current Situation and Future Prospects


Motorcycle Market Continues Stable Growth with Target Set at 70 Million Units; India and Africa Seen As Promising Markets

  • Publishing date : 2016.10.11 A4 size, 115 pages.

Asia's Low-Cost Compact Vehicle Development


Analysis of 52 Strategic Models Targeted for Emerging Nations.

  • Publishing date : 2009.5.11 A4 size, 215 pages.

China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry


Critical up-to-date survey of China's new enerygy vehicle industry

  • Publishing date : 2011.3.29 A4 size, 191 pages.

2020 Projection: China Automobile Sales to Reach 40 Million Units


Three industry experts give their insight on the prospects of China’s automotive market in 2020

  • Publishing date : 2012.8.1 PDF size, 96 pages.

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