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Company Profile

FOURIN, Inc. is a research company which specializes in publishing various reports related to the global automotive industry. With high social interest in markets of developed countries towards diversification and environmental/safety issues, contrasting emerging markets, and a wave of global operation realignments, there has never before been a time such as now in the 21st century in which there has been a need for accurate analysis of business environment information. By focusing entire management resources into the information field, FOURIN strives to contribute to the development of the automotive industry in not only Japan, but throughout the world.

As at July 2011

Company Name FOURIN, Inc.
Address Sakuragaoka 292, Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City. 464-0025
Tel: 052-789-1101
Fax: 052-789-1147
Establishment September 1980
Company Registration April 1985
  • President and Representative Director
  • Vice-president and Director
  • Director
  • Director
  • SUZUKI Masao
  • KUBO Tetsuo
  • NIIYAMA Kimiko
  • TANAKA Yachiyo
  • (year of birth 1949)
  • (year of birth 1959)
  • (year of birth 1959)
  • (year of birth 1962)
Department Heads
  • America & Europe Research:
  • Asia Research:
  • China Research:
  • Japan Research:
  • World Research:
  • English Products:
  • Domestic Sales:
  • Overseas Sales:
  • Yachiyo Tanaka
  • Toru Nakata
  • Jincheng Zhou
  • Masahiro Fukuda
  • Tetsuo Kubo
  • Andor Zombori
  • Hideo Tukagoshi
  • Yoriyasu Maeda
  • (Year of birth 1962)
  • (Year of birth 1978)
  • (Year of birth 1975)
  • (Year of birth 1975)
  • (Year of birth 1959)
  • (Year of birth 1971)
  • (Year of birth 1963)
  • (Year of birth 1964)
Capital 4.6 million JPY
closing date
March 31st
Number of workers 40
Business outline
  • Surveys and research on the global automobile and auto parts industry
  • Publication and sales of printed material and research reports on the global automotive industry
  • Other activities, such as translation of foreign language literature
  • Entire activities to supplement the above
Company Policy
  • To contribute to inter-business and international goodwill, along with promoting equal understanding
  • To contribute towards the development of the Japanese and global automotive industries
  • To not publicly disclose unfavorable information about other companies
  • To not participate in legal disputes, or infringements of domestic laws, regulations and customs of related countries
Bank Account The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Chukyo Bank
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