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Contracted Reports Information

What are contracted reports?

Special research reports which are consigned for one year by companies, groups, organizations and other entities. Companies receive one order-made FOURIN research report each month (12 in one year).

Appearance of contracted reports

In general, edited and formatted contracted reports are two pages in A4 size. Their page layout is identical with our regular monthly reports.

Occasionally monthly reports may exceed three pages, however, additional charge will not be applied without the prior consent of the customer.

Delivery of contracted reports

In general, contracted reports are delivered in PDF format. Reports may be delivered in other formats as well if requested.

In addition, prior to conversion into PDF, text is created in Word format, and charts, graphs and tables are produced in Excel format. Reports may be accompanied with additional products if requested, however, we only provide fully completed data (including numerical values of charts and graphs) and decline requests for work-in-progress data.

Materials used for contracted reports

Contracted reports are based on data and materials which have been accumulated at our FOURIN World Automotive Library as well as stored in our Global Automotive Industry Directory (GAID) system which contains materials collected from various newspapers and industry publications around the world which are regularly subscribed by FOURIN.

Materials not used for contracted reports

In case the ordered report cannot be completed based on data and materials in our library and GAID system and requires additional data and materials as well as information gathering at home or abroad, the order will not be handled as a contracted report, but as a contracted research request.

Please contact us for further details on contracted research requests.

Subjects covered by contracted reports

Various subjects, which are covered by contracted reports in relation to the global automotive industry, are elucidated annually as well as periodically.

1. Country Status Report Recent economic and political situation of countries and regions regarding export, plant development and affiliated companies.
2. Business Environment Report Recent global, regional and local situation of specific vehicle products.
3. Company Competition Report Recent activities, characteristics and trends of specific companies based on business conditions and profit performance.
4. Overseas Own-company Report Report on one’s own overseas branch or affiliated company for comparison with internal reports.
5. Other Other requests in connection to the automotive industry.

Twelve subjects for one year set in advance

Under this contract, prior to the beginning of the contract year the client provides a list of over 20 subjects out of which FOURIN in consultation with the client selects 12. Two additional ones will be selected as well in case some of the 12 original subjects prove to be too difficult to complete.

Delivery order of contracted reports is decided by both parties

Based on the above-mentioned mutually agreed upon subjects, we provide the client a priority order or report order (schedule) of the contracted reports based on the state of acquired (or scheduled to be acquired) data, materials and media information.

Upon receiving the client’s approval, the delivery schedule of contracted reports will be finalized.

Contracted reports are for exclusive use only

Contracted reports which are offered by our company are created exclusively for the client. However, although contracted reports may be freely used within the client’s own company, they are forbidden to be used outside of the company without FOURIN’s prior agreement.

“Outside of the company” includes electronic and printed matter for third persons of an unspecified number as well as transferring, lending, reproducing, supplying, selling and using data for any type of “for profit” purposes.

Ownership of contracted reports

Once a contracted report is delivered to the client, FOURIN will not use the report as is for its publications or reproduce or reuse it for other products.

However, due to the research business nature of FOURIN, the content of reports is not subject of constraints. Please be notified that parts of contracted report content may be used for related purposes in some form.

Copyrights of contracted reports

The copyrights of contracted reports are of FOURIN, Inc. Please strictly observe our FOURIN Copyright Guidelines regarding data use.

Please contact us.

Consultation and quotation regarding contracted reports are free of charge!

Initially please contact our sales department. Based on your request you will be transferred to the appropriate department.

Sales department: Call us at 052-789-1101 from Japan, 81-52-789-1101 from outside of Japan or send an email to info@fourin.jp