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Contracted Research Information

What is contracted research?

Research material with specialized content, topic and objective which is consigned by companies, groups, organizations and other entities. Our company creates the research material within a fixed time period and submits it to the client.

Monthly research reports and contracted research reports

Reports which appear in our various monthly publications are also research reports which are provided to an unlimited number of subscribers. However, contracted research reports are only created for one specific client.

Contracted research reports are similar to our various monthly reports. Their greatest feature is their internationally competitive analysis which is based on complex surveys of materials and documents which have been accumulated in our library over the years on the global automotive industry as well as based on recent interviews with industry figures. The comprehensive expertise of our skilled analysts which is built upon our over 30 years of history gives a firm foundation of our research reports.

Specialized content, topic and objective

Contracted research covers a wide range of topics. Concrete examples of contents in connection to the global automotive industry are as follows.

Country Status Research Present situation of countries and regions in terms of policies, laws, regulations, infrastructure, consumer base, market, etc.
Business Environment Research Recent details on vehicles, parts, equipment, distribution, materials, energy, etc.
Company Competition Research Recent operations, actual situation and other specified details on a particular company.
Specified Component Research General situation of a specific component in terms of production, procurement, supply, sales, distribution, aftermarket, etc.
Other Other requests in connection to the global automotive industry.

Marco research rather than micro research

Our company’s strength is macro research which requires the historical and comprehensive research of a topic. Micro research, which often times involves company secrets, such as production cost, supply volume and supply value, goes against our company policy (see below). Please be notified that it is highly likely that such requests will be rejected at the initial stage of a project.

Confidentiality and in-house completion of contracted research

Regarding the confidentiality of contracted research, information we learn on the “internal situation” of our clients will be kept confidential. Regarding all information on our clients, which we learn through our contracted research service starting from the initial stage of quotation, is controlled by our research contract which includes a confidentiality clause, therefore, please contact us without any hesitation.

In addition, regarding the entire process of contracted research, in order to meet the expectations of our client, prevent the leakage of confidential information and ensure the quality of research results, we do not subcontract work to third parties. We assure you that all work is completed by our in-house staff.

Global data collection for contracted research

Our company is a professional research entity which covers the global automotive industry. We have 30 years of research experience throughout the world. Since we regularly visit a number of countries every year, we have the experience and organization to prepare and execute various important data collecting projects at short notice.

After receiving client approval of our budget, we will make a proposal on the creation of a report which contains the latest local information. The report will be created by our staff with the necessary language skills and research experience who will be dispatched to the location of interest for a fixed interval.

Company policy

As you are considering consulting us about a contracted research report, please read our “Company policy” which we have been observing since the establishment of our company.

  1. We contribute to inter-business and international goodwill, along with promoting equal understanding
  2. We contribute towards the development of the Japanese and global automotive industry
  3. We do not publicly disclose unfavorable information about other companies
  4. We do not participate in legal disputes, or violate the laws, regulations and customs of relevant countries

Procedure of contracted research

Procedure Details
1. Consultation on Research Request First, please contact our sales department without any hesitation.
2. (Document Request of Research) If possible, please send us the outline of your request in writing.
3. Submission of Draft Plan and Quotation We submit a draft plan and a quotation to our client.
4. Agreement on Final Draft and Quotation After consultation and adjustment, the final draft and quotation are agreed upon.
5. Conclusion of Research Contract We finalize the research contract based on the final draft and quotation.
6. Mobilization Fee Please make a remittance after receiving a bill for the mobilization fee in line with the contract.
7. Start of Research We begin the research project after receiving the mobilization fee.
8. (Global Data Collection) If needed, we prepare and execute global data collection, including interviews.
9. (Submission of Interim Report) We submit an interim report to our client which includes the final direction of the project.
10. Submission of Final Report We submit the final report in accordance with the deadline as indicated in the contract.
11. (Explanation of Final Report) If needed, we arrange a meeting to explain to final report
12. Completion of Research Contract After receiving our client’s approval, we confirm the conclusion of the contract.
13. Payment of Remaining Fee Please pay the remaining fee in line with the contract.

 Optional procedure steps are in parentheses.

Please note, “Submission of Draft Plan and Quotation” is free!

Initially please contact our sales department(052-789-1101 from Japan or 81-52-789-1101 from outside of Japan)or fill out the request form.