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Guide to PDF Subscription
  • This web page provides guidance for subscribing the online version of all AAI and CAI issues.
  • We offer “view-only type” as well as “printable type” subscriptions. Please click highlights to view sample pages.
  • View-only type” PDF data can only be viewed. It cannot be printed or screenshot.
  • printable type” PFD data can be viewed as well as printed and screenshot.
  • Registrants can subscribe each report on this website by clicking “summaries” or “displayed search results.”
  • Registrants can view monthly reports published during their respective subscription period even after their subscription ends.
  • After placing an order, users can start using our services as soon as they complete user registration.
  • Prohibited e-mail registration and use practices:
    1. Using the same e-mail address by multiple users.
    2. Using multiple e-mail addresses by the same user.
    3. Registering with free e-mail accounts.
    4. Other practices listed in “FOURIN Copyright Guidelines.”

【 Price List(One-year basis)】

Publication Type Registration Price Additional
AAI Printed version - 192,000JPY 96,000 JPY
PDF version (printable type) per person 192,000JPY 96,000 JPY
PDF version (viewable type) per person 96,000JPY 19,200 JPY
  • “Price” refers to the subscription of a single item. VAT is added to orders from Japan.
  • “Additional” refers to optional items ordered during subscription of printed or printable-type PDF version.
  • During subscription of printed or printable-type PDF version, up to four users can register for viewable-type PDF version.
  • We offer special group discount for ten or more subscribers from the same entity. Please contact our sales department for more details.